Our ideas are simple, straightforward and delicious. Toppings are the best way to enhance your Umame experience. 


Make it a salad and Umame Nuts day.

Whether it'd be with balsamic vinaigrette, ranch dressing, or lemon herb dressing, our Umame Nuts will go great with your salad combo. 



Try them in your parfait. 

Already have a cup of greek yogurt? Top them off with Umame Nuts. The savory and sweet is greatly enhanced and your mouth will be filled with great experiences and textures.  


Ice Scream, You Scream, with Umame Nuts.

Its 100 degrees out. You stopped by the Van Leeuwen truck for a cone to cool off. Top off the delicious artisan ice cream with Umame Nuts for a delicious crunch. 



Breakfast and Coffee. 

It's 7am and you need something nutritious and energetic for the day ahead. Grab a bag of Umame Nuts with your coffee and carpe diem.