We offer simple and thoughtful snacks. 

Born in the East Village in 2013, Umame Nuts is a blend of all natural ingredients handmade in small batches without the use of salt, oils or preservatives.

Umame Nuts is a seaweed nut cluster that is gently processed vegan, gluten-free snack comprised of lightly roasted Tai Cai seaweed with organic brown rice crisps and various blends of nuts or seeds and dried fruit. This edible sea vegetable has been known for its rich and savory scent (almost truffly) hence the name Umame. The inspiration is a traditional family recipe that has been passed down for many generations. With 5 ingredients in Umame Nuts (well, cranberry has 6), it is both simple and delicious. 


The Tai Cai seaweed

Umame Nuts showcases a unique ingredient: the Tai Cai seaweed. The seaweed is in the Enteromorpha genus also known as Ulva. The culinary uses of the Tai Cai seaweed derives from Ningbo in eastern China where they are fried and served with peanuts or they are baked into sweet and savory pastries. The Tai Cai seaweed is high in calcium and has a broad range of vitamins and minerals.